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New Xiaomi mi 8 Review Before Release

New Xiaomi mi 8 Review Before Release

Xiaomi mi 8 Review Release

It’s been a few days and you will be able to get a detailed review of this device. Maybe even a little late If you are watching that video might even be broadcast. If you are watching that video might even be broadcast. Cards right click on your friends you can watch it from there, which is probably your published review video yes I came to the table with my friends box Take a look at these in Chinese.

Real Photos And Specs inside Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release
Real Photos And Specs inside Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release image source by

Those who do not know you teach like this one, I’m friends friends cover prices in the meantime I tell you that this phone is a friend of mine mi 8 will start from 3200 Here’s the model with 256 gb It will be up to 3717 TL, while in the box yes I open the box from abroad There is a charge cable from here it turns out it’s always xiaomi does not have headphones on this device Since there is no 3.5mm jack in converter adapter and a circuit breaker how should i put the needle case like this excellent wonderful documents what do you know If you are ready.

Awesome Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release
Awesome Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release image source by

I turn on the gelatin of the phone, and the friends screen that I saw right on the notched screen is 1080e2248 full hd plus at a resolution of 12 megapixel in both of the rear cameras are supported by friends and ai technology so that Xiaomi here wants to take a picture of the best scenario, I’ll see you in my review videomuz fingerprint sensor there is miui9 la was our phone yes, at the end we can open up our phone as you can see friends have a notched design 88% to 5 I have a screen body ratio I have a picture of a camera I want to take a picture I like to take a picture.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release
Xiaomi Mi 8 Review Release image source by

Let’s take a look at it Yes a screen is an individual Iphone is a thing I want to open the front camera Let’s take a pose hi Xiaomi I want to try portrait mode for a minute portrait mode wow I was very impressed no more anyway friends have opened the box like this I come out of the screen Drag the iPhone system you know In the meantime, I’m a gentleman with a menu like this friends phone processor snapdragon 845 the display unit is adreno 630 cpu var rami 6 gb mi 8 of our screen “front view camera 20 megapixels friends room aided artificial intelligence at the same time the battery is 3400 MAH


Review Overview
  • Design7.0
  • Feature7.0
  • Baterai Life8.0
  • Camera Result7.0
  • Price9.0

The camera software is left the same and you still have a lot of your shooting modes. You can also use three cameras at the same time and all the usual suspects are there like panorama mode and things like that. As far as the video, you'll see Quadcomm's steady shot record come in to play, and this is gyro based electronic image stabilization , or EIS. And it works as promised: super steady handheld shots and the mics onboard are fantastic too. LG gives us manual video controls and manual photo controls to the point where I could comfortably use this as a second camera if I was doing a multicamera shot. Because you can dial in settings, you can monitor audio. It is fantastic what LG is doing with their software. So this is the V20. What do you think about it?

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