Why Home Insurance Will not Replace Gadget Insurance


Home insurance is very useful and can keep your home safe from many types of damage, including damage from storms, leaking appliances and roofs, some types of theft, and much more. However, contrary to popular belief, it does not need to cover any loss of valuables such as laptops, iPods or MP3 players, mobile phones, Sat Navs, and expensive cameras.

These items are only covered under certain very specific circumstances, which you can find under your exclusions section of your homeowner's insurance policy – most of which do not include dropping, water damage and theft away from home. Even if your valuable technology is covered under your home insurance, making a claim can adversely affect your future premium rates and could even cause your insurance company to cancel your policy on the next renewal date. In addition to that, there is often a deductible with your home insurance policy of £ 500 or more, and that can be more than your gadget is worth. If the deductible is more than the item costs, then your insurance will not cover replacement of that item, and you will have to pay out of pocket for the expense – even if it was not your fault.

Do not Forget Gadget Insurance

Would you like to know that your gadgets are covered under all circumstances without fear of cancellation from your current insurance provider? You can with Gadget Cover Insurance. They will protect and even replace your valuable gadgets where your home insurance will not. Gadget Cover offers much more than home insurance, as they cover theft, loss (for mobile phones), accidental damage, liquid damage and malicious damage. One of the best aspects of their coverage is that it is worldwide, so you know that no matter where you travel, your valuables are safe and protected from these elements. This is priceless, because these items can be especially important when traveling overseas on business, or indeed pleasure; It's no fun to be in a distant land with no phone or laptop. Gadget Insurance makes sure that you will not ever have that problem. In addition, they offer free mobile backup for your contacts and 48 hour guaranteed replacement of your gadgets if anything happens to them.

Would not it be great …

… to know that your items are safe when you travel with them and that you will not be without them for longer than 48 hours? Home insurance claims can take months (sometimes years depending on how large the claim is), but with Gadget Insurance, you will not be disrupted for very long at all. We all rely heavily on laptops, mobile phones, iPods and Satellite Navigation, and the fact is that protecting them with gadget insurance is quite cheap, while home insurance often just does not cut it anyway.

To Cover Or Not To Cover? ..

… That is the question. The answer is that it's time you looked into extra insurance for your electronic gadgets. You will not be sorry and you will have peace of mind about your valuable items, even while traveling the world ( http://www.gadget-cover.com/laptop.php?ri=33 is essential in this case). No other insurance company can offer the safety and security of gadget insurance that Gadget Cover can, so go ahead and give them a try.

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