What Kind of Journal Or Notebook Should You Use?


For many people, it is what you actually write in your journal that gets you stuck. You get a few sentences down, and then find yourself staring at the ceiling for an hour. For others, writing comes easy. It’s what they love to do and they can’t seem to run out of ideas. No matter which of these you are, you still need to get a journal to start with before you can start writing or try to start writing. What is the best type of journal for you?

Do you picture yourself sitting under a tree on a beautiful day, laying across soft green grass with a fountain pen in hand writing to the sounds of birds in a beautiful leather journal? Then go ahead and do it! There is a great selection of leather journals out there that are perfect for anybody. If you travel a lot, these are also great because they can stand up to it. The leather cover should do fine standing up to being tossed and kicked around.

If you haven’t heard of moleskine notebooks, you should look into it. They are great notebooks that can stand up to a lot for a very affordable price. They come in many shapes and sizes and you can even get either a lined notebook or a sketchbook. The have durable covers and perfect binding that will stay open while you’re writing. They are very popular and worth a try.

Are you simple and money conscious? Then buy a simple notebook. Nobody said you have to buy a big fancy, leather journal in order to be a ‘real’ journal writer. You can buy a simple spiral-bound notebook for 25 cents and it would still be just as much of a journal. This is great for those who want to start journaling but live on a budget. There’s no reason why a nice marble composition notebook won’t work great for you. If you want to go a little fancier, but stay cheap, buy a nice 1 subject 5 star notebook.

Did you have a diary when you were young? Maybe it was pink with fairies and hearts. Or maybe you just remember those many little journals with the cheap locks that all had the same key. If you have one left, use it to write in. It might bring back memories for you.

In addition to these, there are hundreds of different types of notebooks you can write in. Just because you’re cheap, doesn’t mean you need a marble notebook, and just because you travel a lot, doesn’t mean you need a leather journal. These are just some basic guidelines if you aren’t sure what to get. In staying with the spirit of journaling being about you and your own personality, use what you love. If you must, go to the store and stare at all the notebooks. Choose whichever one is calling you, or mimic how you will write in one and see if it feels write.

There’s no right or wrong journal or notebook, so stop procrastinating, buy a notebook, and start writing!

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