The Most Requested Smartphone 2018

So this is one of the phones that you most want to see You guys, you guys know… Oh ah Someone kept asking me Lew, where did you love Xiaomi? There are so many MIX on the market, but what about this design style’s founder, Xiaomi? You also said that you like millet That is Xiaomi’s MIX series, and this is a series of new products, MIX 2 256G storage space Personal quotations, although I do not understand, but I guess it is good Who helped me translate this in the commentary area? WOW! Well, formally enter the parcel! I was surprised to find that the charger turned out to be North American. One end Typc-C, the other end is still USB Wu ~ There is a lot of weight It feels very good Oh! There is a shell There is also a patch cord Typc-C to 3.5mm headphone port SIM card pin The phone case is black and there is also a point “MIX series, designed by Xiaomi” Thick ~ profit ~ This phone looks cool It should be arguably the most elegant mobile phone in recent years.

Very feel Can see the camera in this “MIX series, designed by Xiaomi” Power button, and volume keys above it Double Cato At the bottom, there is only Typc-C charging port and speaker This is the location of the handset OK, boot up Almost without borders Front camera is hidden below I have to try fingerprinting let’s go Press several more times Boot settings let you choose a theme Don’t mind, I think this is a good start The screen is 2160×1080 resolution and can be brighter This is the highest brightness Quick setup is quite different from native Android, they got a white background The reason why the back cover shines is because it is a ceramic material. Positive Corning Gorilla Generation 4 Glass, Android 7.1, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Camera 12MP, Aperture F3400 mAh battery capacity, equipped with a fast charge Like many other phones, there are black bars on both sides when watching videos This is a very good IPS screen, the viewing angle is also great But what about speakers? Oh~ Uh~ When you see Youtube, the voice is louder than I expected Of course I’m going to try music Oh, okay I think the sound is clear and the volume is quite good The speaker is good Look how the camera Oh, WOW Focusing speed is very fast Photo quality is also good In general, the pixels of the camera are not too high, which means higher sensitivity Higher light input, this camera is more available than the single-pixel camera Take a villain to test quickly Take a look at this photo Hue deviation effect, straightening effect, fast capture mode Composition lines, if you need There is even an option that allows the phone to automatically enhance low-light quality “Fingerprint shutter” allows you to use the fingerprint as a shutter button You can even adjust the contrast, saturation and sharpness I can not only adjust the color temperature, from cold to standard to warm But also can adjust the contrast from automatic to enhanced to standard In video mode, you can turn on fast motion and slow motion mode Then in the settings, the resolution can be adjusted to 4K along the way Try 4K.

Of course, we must also look at you Of course there is Jack Friendly Jack When you turn on self-timer mode Just turn the phone upside down Photographing is no different from the average mobile phone This is a good selfie I have to try a fingerprint, I feel I haven’t tried fingerprint Fingerprint recognition Oh! This is simply too cool This is the fastest fingerprint I’ve ever tried Mobile phone work is great Speakers are better than I thought The system is quite different from the native one.

I don’t like it very much, but Android you know how to change it Fingerprinting is a bit beyond imagination Put the shell on it and say goodnight to the fingerprint The phone shell feels very soft This design is still very good The shape of the cell phone Founder, most of the front is the screen No strange design elements So I hope that manufacturers can push this design to the extreme It is worth mentioning that this phone is converted into U.S. dollars, which is still a little expensive The price exceeds $500, this should be considered But I have to say that my initial impression is still very good Before this work, we really felt that only on Samsung or Apple products can we see And now, Xiaomi’s MIX 2 has also achieved this kind of workmanship. Other mobile phones may also be possible That day will surely come.