Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO Camera Review

Luxury Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Review
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Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO Camera And Baterai Review

Lets jump straight into the Pros first! Starting with the design, the All-Metal Unibody available in Gold & Black has a Premium look & a compact in-hand feel due to the breadth being a bit less compared to other 5.5″ phones. The back too has been given a distinct design with the unique Antenna band placement on Top & Bottom. The camera does not protrude out of the body with no camera hump whatsoever, so that’s good! In the hands you do feel a bit of weight which should suggest Good Durability & strength! Audio quality while making or receiving calls is good, there were no issues!

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Quick Review
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The 3600mAh Battery life is pretty good! In my testing in moderate usage, I could get a maximum Screen-On-Time of about 5hrs & 30mins & once did cross 28hrs from 100 to 19% ! Features like NFC, Samsung Pay, Multi Window, Lock and Mask Apps, Dual Apps, Haptic feedback on picking up the phone when you have unread notifications and the Always-On-Display, all add to the Pro’s list of the Galaxy J7 Pro! Now continuing with the Pro’s of this device, lets have a look at some Camera Samples so that you can judge for yourself how good the Camera Quality is!?

Luxury Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Review
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As you can see, samples from both the camera’s produce excellent results with Sharp images, good Dynamic Range specially in HDR-On mode & rich colourz! It shares the same 13MP front & Rear Camera Set-Up as in the J7 Max & the results are the same if not better! This camera is easily one of the biggest Plus & Selling Points of the Samsung J7 Pro! The 1080p Super Amoled Display has good viewing angles, punchy colour’s, high colour contrast & lovely blacks.

And the visibility is also good under daylight conditions with the Auto-Brightness sensor ON! Gaming is smooth as expected just like the J7 Max & J7 Nxt & there is almost no lag during Gameplay even while trying out HEAVY Games! As far as performance goes, another Pro is that during normal browsing, things are mostly fluid while browsing through the User Interface and the default & Downloaded Apps! Now starting with the CONS, there are some annoying times when the Pull Down Notifications Menu as well as the recent apps menu lags a bit though it doesn’t hamper functionality.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Midrange Smartphone
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I have noticed this same issue in both the J7 Max & the Nxt, and I’m sure its because of the Samsung Experience UI Version 8.1! The absence of back-lighting in the capacitive keys just goes to show how Samsung differentiates their products in different price ranges by omitting out certain features though all the other Major sensors are present! Also the use of the aging Exynos 7870 chipset in this sub Rs 21,000/- price-range phone seems a bit underpowered specially considering the fact the same is also used in the cheaper J7 Nxt! In my opinion a price tag of 18k would have been kinda ok for this Premium Budget range Device! If you are willing to spend the extra bucks for a Premium looking metallic phone with an Excellent Camera & lag-free Gaming experience and are ready to overlook the cons & the higher price tag, then you can definitely go for the Samsung J7 PRO!