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New LG V10 Smartphone in U.S.

New LG V10 Smartphone in U.S.

LG’s new V10 smartphone is a hit in the U.S. smartphone market. Korean conglomerate LG Electronics says it sold more than 450-thousand units of the handset in the U.S. within 45 days of its release. The V10 is an improvement on the company’s G-series,… in terms of durability and its video recording and editing functions. The majority of people who bought the phone are in the 25 to 34 age group… and had higher earnings than G-series buyers. Citing U.S.-based market tracker International Technology Group, LG says the popularity of the new phone has helped boost its share of the North American market by nine-percentage points to nearly 36-percent last month.


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  • Performance70%
  • Design90%
  • Features80%
  • Usability80%

There is a lot on offer with a superb camera and form factor with performance to match. One could consider this as an incremental update in some respects without the big changes in design and appeal like Samsung have completed of late with the S6. Incremental or not, if you are opting one of the ‘best’ smartphones available today then the G4 is a superb product, particularly if you are into photos on the mobile.

80%Overall Score

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