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These days, music has gone mobile. Almost everywhere you look you will see at least one person with earphones or headphones over his / her ears, bopping their heads to some mysterious beat. And the electronic gadgets that hold this music are getting smaller and smaller. It started with the Walkman, and then came the MP3 player. Next in line was the iPods which integrated MP4 technology. Now, you can get a wide array of MP4 media players on the market.

MP4 players are a very exciting part of technology. They enhance your entertainment life so much that you will be hooked to these gadgets within a matter of minutes. With the many options available on the types of digital MP4 players you can buy, making a choice can be difficult, since all of them come with at least one new function and modification.

There are even a number of MP4 watches available on the market today. You can actually cram about 3 movies into your watch, and play them as you relax anywhere. The capacities can be as big as 4GB, with added functions in the watch, such as an NES Emulator. To add to this amazing pool, you can even get a watch MP4 player that is made entirely of steel for a great look, as well as incorporating a huge 8GB of internal memory. It comes with a 1.8 inch screen, can record voices, you can choose languages, earphone jacks, JPEG capability, and many more exciting features. Who needs any other type of watch?

Did you know that it is possible to cram a whole 160GB of memory into your MP4 player? It has been done. It is a PMP, a Portable Media Player, with 160GB memory and it comes with an integrated DVR function. Also, you can just use your USB cable to drag and drop all you need into the player.

How about the world's thinnest MP4 player currently in the market? This MP4 video player is about 4.5mm thick. This is actually about as big as 4 credit cards stacked one on top of the other.

If you are a fan of digital MP4 players , then these latest developments are best for you.

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