Have a Blank Notebook, But Don’t Know What To Use It For? Here Are Some Ideas


Have you just received a blank notebook as a gift from a friend, colleague or from a family member or you saw a nice looking notebook at the stationery shop and bought it? Are you thinking of what to do with your blank notebook or you have no idea what to use it for?

If you are thinking about which interesting, important and exciting things you can use your blank notebook for, we are going to assist you with some great ideas on what you can use it for.

Things you can use your blank notebook for

1. Write lesson notes – If you are a student, this is obviously one of the important things to use your blank notebook for. Take your notebook to class and write your lesson notes so you can read them later to remember what you were taught in class and also during exams.

2. Write important private information – That blank notebook you have can as well be used to write down important personal information for remembrance. Maybe you don’t have a journal right now, a notebook can as well serve as a means to keep your important personal information safe.

3. To-do-list – Do you forget what you need to do each day of the week? A notebook can as well serve as your to-do-list, where you write down everything you want to do each day for the whole week. You can make your list in a tabular form and list it accordingly. It is a great way to keep you up-to-date with the things you have done and the things that are yet to be done.

4. Plan an event – Do you want to plan an event such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, and so on? A blank notebook is a perfect means to get all your planning moving on well and up-to-date. With the use of a notebook, you can calculate your budget for the event, write down guest list, foods, and all other important things needed to make the event successful. As an event planner, a notebook should always be with you at all times.

5. Meal Timetable – A notebook can serve as an ideal meal timetable. You will be surprised how often people forget what they are supposed to eat each day of the week. To have a balanced diet every day for a week or a month, it is important to have a meal timetable and this is where a notebook comes into play.

6. Write down notes in seminars and workshops – Are you a professional, student or just a person that like to attend seminars or workshops? A notebook should always be with you so you can take down notes in the seminar or workshop. This is very important if you want to remember everything that was taught at the seminar or workshop.

7. Spiritual meditations – Are you going to church, mosque, or any other spiritual gathering where sermons are being taught? A notebook is important to take along with you so you can write down important spiritual teachings to remember. You can also write down prayers, inspirational quotes, and other spiritual meditations.

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