Finding the Best Laptop Bags


The laptop was designed to be light and portable, the problem with them however is they are vulnerable to theft and can break easily if not packaged properly. This is why Laptop bags were created and they were designed to fill three key functions:

  • Protect the laptop from damage. This is the most important, a laptop bag must be well padded and the laptop must fit quite tightly into the bag or else it can slide around and get damaged.
  • Protect the laptop from theft. A laptop bag must not be so obvious as to give away it contains a laptop which thieves would try and steal from the owner. A good laptop bag looks just like any other briefcase or shoulder bag.
  • Look stylish. Laptops have quickly become a fashion accessory, especially among teenagers. This means that a lot of people do not want to be walking around the street or airport with what looks like a briefcase in their hand. Many laptop bags, especially those designed for Mac books imitate a 'sports bag' look and come in colors like white and blue, rather than plain black.

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when looking for laptop bags is not bringing their laptop or laptop measurements to the store when they buy one. This is because laptops come in all shapes and sizes and so there is no 'One size fits all' laptop bag.

Laptop bags can be expensive and many people try and do without, opting to wrap their laptop in a towel instead and put it amongst other luggage. Whilst this does offer some protection, it is far from ideal, or safe. When traveling, especially by plane, luggage can be thrown around. If your laptop is touching any of the sides in your bag, it's likely to take some impact during the journey and would be very susceptible to breaking.

A laptop that is broken due to improper packaging is usually not covered by any warranty either. Clearly then, given the risk incurred by breaking a laptop it would be worthwhile to investigate laptop bags and buying something suitable.

The great thing about having a laptop bag, including keeping it safe, is how much more portable the laptop becomes. You can open it up on the plane or in the car and it only takes a few seconds to take out or put away.

Source EzineArticles by Atiq-Ur Rehman

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