Do's And Don'ts Of Smartphone Etiquette


Most people, including a growing number of 'oldies', use a mobile or, so-called, Smartphone. In fact, Australia has one of the highest per-capita usage of this device. With the Smartphone has come a whole new etiquette that one day, I hope, might be observed by the masses.

These do's and don'ts would be a good starting point in relation to using a smartphone without upsetting others.



Do be discreet by recognizing that there are other people in the world. Lower your voice when talking in public and keep conversations as short as possible. Make a catch-up call later, when you're alone, if there is a need to follow up.

Do not let your phone ruin the experiences for others. A Smartphone is a communication tool and should be used as such!

Do minimize conversations in enclosed, public spaces such as lifts, buses, and planes. Never pester a captive audience.

Do not forget to turn-off your phone during movies, lectures, meetings, meals, church services, theater, etc.

Do remember to turn off your ringer when in a quiet situation. A vibrating phone should be sufficient as an attention-grabber.

Do not choose a ringtone that lacks 'class'.

Do try and deliver important news in person or over the telephone. Texting information of this type is a definite 'no no'. Face-to-face communication beats all others, so try to use this medium wherever possible.

Do not text or check your phone when speaking with others. People who insist on 'checkinging' their phone in the presence of others is a real turn off!

Do schedule some offline time to connect with your family and close friends on a regular basis.

Do not be sloppy – check your outgoing messages for misspellings and out-of-context mistakes. If the recipient of your message is unaware to understand abbreviations, avoid using them.

Do put your phone away during an important conversation.

Do not judge others if they misspell a message or use poor grammar composed on their phone. If you can understand the message be prepared to accept that communication.

Do respect how others want to get a hold of you – check your voicemails. Callers will get cheesed-off when your message promises to get back to them and you never do.

Do not be a tosser! When your mobile has called it quits, recycle it.

Do Google information in private. Just because someone claims something as being true does not necessarily mean that they are right.

Do not teach your kids and grandkids bad (not) Smart-phone habits.

Source EzineArticles by Dr Neil Flanagan

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