Credit Card Machines: Latest Smartphone Trends


A good number of business owners are still tied up to land bound credit card machines. They say when the music changes, the dance tune follows suit. Whether you are a small scale retailer, a salon owner or even a food joint owner, you need to have this machine because without them, you do not know how much sales you are missing. However, the in thing is not just owning one, but having a portable and reliable one fit for all your credit card transactions. With the latest revenues of mobile payment hardware such as smart phones, credit card processing has become incredibly easy and fast. With just a few clicks, you carry out your transactions. You do not have to withstand those extremely long, tiring queues as it was some few years ago.

A number of recent mobile payment software and tools now let you carry out your credit card transactions in an Android set, an iPhone and a dumber handset. All you need is a card reader hardware, and you can process your credit card. You will have to pay a particular amount of fees for each transaction together with the routine fee of your merchant account. Other payments include the initial card reader hardware cost, a flat fee for each transaction, and possibly an extra monthly fee. This type of mobile hardware payment is suitable for mobile business owners who are expected to do a lot of transactions on a daily basis. Some prefer to take up a wild card service that charges more per transaction while completely eliminating monthly fees.

No matter the difference in make and applications, most Smartphone devices that allow the utilization of a credit card, have the same basic functionality. The most popular applications and devices are Square, Roam Pay hardware, Phone Transact iMerchant Pro, Pay Ware Mobile and Intuit Go payment. All these are relatively affordable, easy to set up and utilize. Moreover, you can store all your credit transactions online. Some devices like Intuit Go payment do not include a card swiper. On the contrary, you are allowed to enter the card's number and proceed with all your card processing. All these transactions are data encrypted since security is fully secured. Furthermore, if you have constant emergencies, these devices should be your preferred choice.

The decision to take up transaction transactions fees but higher monthly charges or higher transaction fees and lower or no monthly charge is entirely yours. If you run a business with many transactions a day, then you bought to take the first option. However, if you need occasional transactions, not necessarily daily, then you bought to go for the latter option. Although these mobile payment hardware options may cost you more, their reliability and efficiency is indispensable. They can increase your sales by a great percentage. You do not have to put up with that land bound credit card machine anymore, given the choices for better machines. It is high time to ditch that old credit card machine, and get a new smart phone for greater and happier returns.

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