Conveniences That Smartphone Apps for Travelers Offer


Smartphone apps for travelers can come in handy both before you leave and while you are on the road. Most gadgets nowdays come equipped with apps that can be useful on a trip (such as a compass, alarm clock, weather, calculator and so on). But you can significantly increase your gadget's usefulness by installing additional tools like currency converters, restaurant reviews, landmark guides, translators, transportation apps, news reader and a lot more. Here are just a few conveniences that smartphone apps for travelers offer:

Navigation and maps: The availability of GPS on most smartphones is a real advantage for travelers. What this means is that your phone can help you navigate through unfamiliar locations. The fact that Android apps such as Google Maps do not cost anything, simply strengthens smartphones' appeal. Knowing how to take advantage of these apps will help you make the most of your smartphone's capabilities.

The ease of having all the information at your fingertips: Whether you are using public transport, driving or flying you will find smartphone apps that are worth having. You can learn how to hire a taxi, negotiate a subway system, track your mileage and even track and find flights using a smartphone app. Having all the information at your fingertips is amazing and these apps can take away most of the stress associated with traveling.

Save time and money: The availability of smartphone apps for travelers has significantly reduced the cost of traveling. This is due to the fact that travel companies send information about special promotions and deals to customers who are using the app. You can plan your trip by merely going through the promotions and deals on your smartphone, as opposed to visiting a travel agency or spending time researching online. Therefore, using smartphone travel apps is not just a cost effective option but also allows you to save valuable time.

Connected everywhere: Before smartphones were invented, being away meant being mostly out of touch, accessible only through text messages or phone calls. Even if you had a wifi-enabled laptop, you were only able to use it if you had access to a hot spot. A smartphone not only allows you to make phone calls and send text message like a normal mobile phone does, but also comes with instant-messaging apps. You can send emails, use social networking sites and update your travel blog by just taking the smartphone out of your pocket and opening the app you need. Apps like Latitude allow you to share your exact whereabouts with family and friends.

It is important to keep in mind that many apps will require you to be online in order to get the latest information. With the presence of wifi hotspots in most popular tourist destinations around the world, this is usually not a big issue. However, you may have to incur incredibly high data roaming charges if you try to access your apps while not connected to a hotspot. If that is the case, you will be better off opting for a local prepaid service rather than sticking to your existing mobile carrier.

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