Best Budget DSLR Camera for Vlogging

2018 Guide To Purchasing A Dslr Camera
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DSLR Canon SL2 Vlog Test and Review

Best Budget DSLR Camera for Vlogging – Now, of course, one of the cool features of the Canon SL2 is the ability to shoot 60 frames per second in 1080p, meaning you can get smooth slow mo. But you might be wondering, why go to Boise, Idaho? Right, kinda seems a little bit random. But the reason was, for this influencer party hosted by Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. We made it. Nice Chris in the building. Although we’re outdoors.

2018 Guide To Purchasing A Dslr Camera
2018 Guide To Purchasing A Dslr Camera image source by

First of all is the kit lens, the 18-55 that comes with the SL2. And then also the 10-18, which is a wide angle lens. And, I like this wide angle lens the most for just typical vlogging because it gets such a wide shot. But, the wide angle lens is a little wide for B-roll and other shots, so that’s why I like the 10-55, because you can get a lot closer up. –  So this event was actually at Albertson Stadium. And it was super cool, because I got to connect with a lot of entrepreneurs, creators, video influencers and I even got a few of them to share some tips.

Lovely Canon Cameras Dslr 2018
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In my opinion, is be true to the message of your heart. I think we all have a unique voice that wants to be voiced through us and if we can do that in a way that’s entertaining, inspiring, and/or brings more self-awareness to people, I think that’s a big hack. – What I would say is, excuses don’t excuse you. And the gun that kills the most people is the Gonna. Everyone says they’re gonna do this, gonna to that. Stop saying you’re gonna. That’s killing your dreams. Instead, take action now. Keep following this guy. That’s what I’m saying. – That’s my man. Now, in addition to vlogging, the SL2 is super easy to shoot photos with. It was super cool at the event to be able to connect with a lot of old friends as well mentors and be able to take quick and easy selfies that were high quality.

Review Canon Cameras Dslr 2018
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And so there was a lot of great content some great food, a chance to network and hang out with people. But then the highlight for me, and probably everybody there, was Gary Vee’s keynote. Dropping fire, as usual. – It’s the same over and over, there’s under-priced attention, and over-priced attention. There’s headline meeters and practitioners. Let me give you an example of headline meeters versus practitioners. Headline Meeters: SnapChat’s dead. Practitioners: Holy . Snapchat’s at product is so underpriced because everyone thinks it’s dead, that it’s $CPM to get in front of everybody who’s under 30 in the world, at least the US world and a couple of other countries, and holy , with the swipe up conversions of these people since they live in that world are so incredible, there’s no platform on Earth, not YouTube and Facebook combined that can get somebody under 30 to watch three minute video continuously even remotely close to Snapchat at $ a CPM.

I told you it was an interesting day. But let’s get into my thoughts on the Canon SL2 for vlogging specifically. Now, I’ve actually done a full review video of the camera and you can check it out on the YouTube card. I’ll link it up in the description below. But I wasn’t really speaking to it for vlogging specifically.

And so, my thoughts if you wanting to use this for like, running gun shooting, just like the video clips you just saw. I think, number one, it’s super easy to use. That’s one thing I love about Canon, is that it’s super user friendly, very dependable, fires up fast, quick and easy to use. The selfie screen, you know, is a must feature for a lot of vloggers. Definitely wanting that. And just simple things, like being able to tap your face for focus, or easily adjust the menus and navigate the camera. Very easy. You know, secondly, this camera is super light. And so, even with a few accessories this is a Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom.

This is the Rode Mic Pro Plus version. A little bit big and kinda over-kill, but it’s a new mic I wanted to test out. You can use any mic pretty much on here because it has a mic input. But when you add it all up together it’s almost weightless. And so what’s nice is you get DSLR quality without it getting super heavy.

And that goes into the lens choices as well. But like I said, this wide angle lens and the kit lens both are what I used in this vlog and they’re very light as well. And actually, by the way, I’ll actually include a list of all of the gear, the accessories, the mics, and the extra batteries and everything else I mention in this video in the YouTube description below if you want to check any of that stuff out. Now, thirdly is battery life. Now, during the day I only had to change the battery once and I actually filmed Gary’s entire session probably for 30, 40 minutes straight in addition to all the other footage at the beginning of the day.

That was about the time I needed to change the batteries. So the battery life is amazing, especially compared to a lot of other cameras out there. And I also invested in this kit of these after-market batteries. Now, those can be hit-or-miss. But I’m happy to report these work great. They came with a little charger. I don’t know how to say this brand. OAproda, or something like that. I’ll link these in the description below if you want to check them out.

I didn’t even get to the third battery. I got two of these after market ones and then just the normal Canon one, but the battery life is pretty impressive. And then, of course, one of the things Canon is known for is Auto Focus. It has the dual-pixal auto focus. So it’s absolutely incredible at face tracking. And the two features I used for vlogging, I used face tracking really quick, when I’m running gun and shooting like this and wanting to track a face. Or wanting to track somebody else’s face. I’m shooting B-roll, I just quickly touch the Q and I switch it to smooth zone AF. And then you can just tap regions really easily. Even if you were shooting from the side trying to shoot a speaker or something and it couldn’t really track their face that basically covers you.

So it’s between those two AF modes that I shoot pretty much everything with the SL2. And then as far as my settings go for this vlog, I shot on manual. I had it on camera mode. And then the settings I like to use, is I always have the aperture as wide as it will go. I shot in either 60 shutter speed when I was shooting 30 frames a second. Or I would kick it up to 125 on the shutter when I was shooting 60 frames a second, which is just following the multiple rule. So you get really smooth footage. And then I would put the ISO on auto so that, from room to room it could change lighting really easy. So, it takes a little while. You could certainly get away, if you’re just starting, on auto mode, but I’ve been shooting video for a while so manual is pretty comfortable for me and I like those micro adjustments over everything. Now, as far as low light goes, I did definitely notice some grain, and I’ll show some clips here where you can see some of that grain.

That’s probably not as much the fault of the camera. This is an APS-C sensor, so it’s more a fault of the lenses. You know, this kit lens starts at F4. This wide angle lens starts at F4.5. So, if you really wanted to get some good low light shots you might want a faster lens. However, you know, you can still get away with footage, that I would say, is usable, still looks alright with this setup. Or if all you had was the kit lens you could still get away with it. And then I know this about the SL2, and as I said, you can use any microphone because you do have the mic jack. But just a quick thought on the Rode Pro, I love this feature right here. I’m going to do a full video about it. But check this out. Camera off? Boom. The mic just powers down on its own.

Camera on? Boom. The mic just fires up on its own. Now, I use the Rode Pro, the old version in the past and I would just be killing nine volt batteries because I would always leave the mic on. So not only does this have a rechargeable battery with a much longer battery life, but just a cool feature in this particular setup, and it is, you know, the mic is bigger than the camera, but it’s really not that heavy.

So this is actually a pretty rad setup. And I love that, because you don’t have to worry about powering the mic on and off. It just is always synced up with the camera power. So, overall I think that the Canon SL2 is a super cool and fun camera for vlogging. You can see the results from the footage in this video, and I also think that it’s a great camera just for YouTube videos in general.

Especially for being user friendly and also pretty budget. This body comes in at $550 at the launch of the camera here in the US. I think $700 with the included kit lens. And for what you’re getting, that’s a pretty good value. That price will probably drop over time. Now, are there any down sides to it? Absolutely. If you wanted 4K, it only has 1080p 60 frames a second. So you would need to get a different camera.