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    The Most Requested Smartphone 2018

    So this is one of the phones that you most want to see You guys, you guys know… Oh ah Someone kept asking me Lew, where did you love Xiaomi? There are so many MIX [...]
  • Awesome Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips Before Buying

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips Before Buying!

    Everythings You Need To Know Before Buying  This Gadget Samsung Galaxy S9 Tips Before Buying – I got to go hands on with them. And these are 10 things to know before buying. So first [...]
  • Luxury Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Review

    Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO Camera Review

    Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO Camera And Baterai Review Lets jump straight into the Pros first! Starting with the design, the All-Metal Unibody available in Gold & Black has a Premium look & a compact in-hand [...]
  • Luxury Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime

    2018 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime

    Today we have here the Redmi Note 5A Prime. I know is kinda late but well I love phones so why not let’s get right up to it the phone design looks pretty similar to [...]
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    New LG V10 Smartphone in U.S.

    LG’s new V10 smartphone is a hit in the U.S. smartphone market. Korean conglomerate LG Electronics says it sold more than 450-thousand units of the handset in the U.S. within 45 days of its release. [...]
  • Inspirational Lg G4 Review

    2018 Smartphone LG G4 Review

    2018 Lg G4 Smartphone Review Smartphone LG G4 Review – Almost a view year ago LG released the G3 as the successor to their interestingly designed G2. Now we have the G4. Continuing with a [...]

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Spec and Release Lg V20 Review
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LG V20 Review And Spec 2018

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Less than a year ago, LG brought the V10 seemingly out of nowhere. I call it the Frankenstein or Dr. Jekyllophone, and it seems like there are parts that are just mashed together on a [...]